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Water Polo

All bets will be settled after regular time unless otherwise specified. For bets to stand, the regular time must be completed unless the outcome of the game has not been already determined.

  • 1X2
    You must predict who wins the game at the end of the regular time or if the game ends in a tie.
  • Handicap
    You must predict the winner of the match after a given handicap spread is added to or subtracted from the final result (overtime included). When the handicap is preceded by a minus sign (-7.5; -8.5 etc.) means that the Home Team is favored, when handicap is not preceded by a minus sign (4.5; 8.5 etc.) means that the Away team is favored.
  • Under/Over
    You must predict whether the total number of points is more (Over) or less (Under) than the given parameter. The result of the bet is decided on the scores at the end of regular time.
  • Odd/Even
    You must predict whether the total sum of points during regular time is even or odd.
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