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Live Betting

In Live Betting you have the chance to bet on the outcome during the live event. Please note that:

  • Odds on live events are subject to continuous changes which are based on the course of the match and the remaining minutes of play.
  • In case of an action that can bring to a change in the outcome of the event, odds will be temporarily suspended.
  • The acceptance of all live bets will occur after a few seconds delay.

As our customer you declare that you do not know or are not aware of the outcome of the event when placing the respective bet.

The live betting schedule can be amended at any time due to changes in transmission plans by broadcasters.

Should a bet be placed at an incorrect price due to delayed ‘Live’ coverage of an event and where a team has gained a significant advantage, bets will be voided.

Where we have reason to believe that a bet has been placed after the outcome of an event is known (even if it is known just to the person placing the bet) we reserve the right to void the bet.

We reserve the right to suspend betting during an event due to failed transmission or other technical related issues or if we suspect fraud.

We will determine the deadline for the placing of bets at our discretion.

We shall not tolerate deliberate and repeated incidents of late betting. We consider this to be fraud and we will deal with it accordingly.

iWin24 reserves the right to close an account in its sole discretion. In such cases, any funds will either be remitted to the player or transferred to the Authority depending on the circumstances.

If, during the period of acceptance of bets, information becomes known through which the result of the bet can be determined, the deadline for acceptance of bets will be determined anew or the bet will be cancelled and this in our absolute discretion.

All scoring information on the site is for display purposes only and is not used as a basis for settlement.

iWin24 accepts no responsibility for the correctness and timeliness of this information and only settles bets according to the official scores, actions and timings of the event.

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