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Players are supposed to know and accept the General Terms & Conditions. Players may play for free or gamble with money. If a player participates in a game with money then it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that it is legal to do so according to the laws of the player’s own jurisdiction. Players must also accept that:

  • Any dispute among players will be considered and resolved by iWin24 whose decision shall be final and binding on the players.
  • iWin24 reserves the right to suspend or withdraw any game at any time in its absolute discretion.
  • If iWin24 have reasonable grounds to believe that any player has been cheating then iWin24 will not permit further play by that player. In particular, cheating includes collusion by the sharing of knowledge of cards or other information.
  • iWin24 also reserves the right to restrict seating; to prohibit players from playing a particular game; or to prevent identified players from playing at the same game.
  • No player may open more than one money account.
  • iWin24 make a commission charge or “rake” to each Pot. Full details of the commission charges are available here.
  • If the player has not played and thereby activated an account for a period of one year, then any screen name employed may be cancelled and any frequent player points or other such bonuses will be forfeit.
  • Players should abide by the accepted standards of fair play. For example, a player should not use foul, abusive or offensive language, or “talk” during the playing of a hand or actively promote other poker websites. Any such activity may result in the suspension or loss of playing privileges at the complete discretion of iWin24.
  • iWin24 undertake not to disclose details of any winnings or losses of individual players or divulge information concerning players to anyone save regulatory authorities. Equally it is the responsibility of a player who resides in a jurisdiction where winnings are taxable to keep his or her own record of winnings and report them to the proper authorities.
  • At Heads-up cash game tables, a player is not allowed to sit (including sit-out) and wait for opponents at more than two (2) tables at any given time at the same game type, betting structure and limit (for example Texas Hold'em No Limit €1/2).
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